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About Us

Supply chain or the logistics process does not consist of a single process. It is a process integrated with various elements such as transportation, warehousing, inventory management, packaging, forwarding, custom clearing, and information management.

Business process integration is crucial for Supply Chain Management, and SkyRiver will provide advantageous solutions through group synergy, meeting the unique needs, logistical needs and requirements of our customers with a single service chain.


SkyRiver is a part of a multifaceted corporate house that has established itself as a conglomerate of individual business entities with a strong presence in multi-modal International transportation.

As a international logistics company backed by a blend of unflinching professionalism and core innovative values, SkyRiver is a commitment to service with a global accent and a true customer orientation.

Armed with a team of qualified professionals, performing together towards excellence, the company has created for itself a bank of satisfied customers.

SkyRiver has a flexible organisational structure and a network of offices that look after particular cities in their respective domains. The objective is to maintain a 'Quick Response' Support System.

The SkyRiver Group provides the best possible logistic solutions to satisfy present customer's logistical needs which are becoming more complicated in proportion as the business process of sourcing, manufacturing and marketing extends more to a global context.

The SkyRiver Group has a perfect lineup of logistics business units inside every field of transportation (sea, land, air), forwarding, warehousing, distribution and other logistics services. Each unit is a specialist with long and rich experience of supporting the customer, taking the leading position in sea, land and air transportation.